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March 31, 2015

80 Years of Growth in Experience, Technology, and Manufacturing Techniques Proves Well for Holz

Holz Rubber Company, a recognized leader in the manufacture of industrial expansion joints and engineered rubber components, celebrates 80 years in business. Started in 1935 by William G. Holz in Lodi, California, Holz Rubber was originally a tire retreading operation. As industry needs changed, the company changed right along with it. Over the years, Holz grew by serving a variety of industries including manufacturing parts for the power generation industry, agriculture industry, food processing plants, original equipment manufacturers, and oil and gas markets.

During the 1960s, Holz introduced its innovative Slide Lag product which was the first field replaceable pulley lagging system on the market. In the 1970s, the company would go on to manufacture the elastomeric expansion joints that are now its signature product. The elastomer expansion joint eventually replaced the metallic version in many situations where rubber allowed for more movement, less vibration and sound, and handles abrasion better.

In more recent years, the company has grown organically and through acquisitions to become a leading provider of expansion joints and engineered rubber parts in North America. “It is exciting to see our highly experienced employees take the less experienced folks under their wing. We are excited for the future of our company,” said Dave Smith, president of Holz Rubber.

Today, the company specializes in meeting customers’ needs in a variety of industries including power generation, oil & gas, water & waste management, OEM, mining, and agriculture, to name a few. The company now employees a dedicated customer-centric team in its 145,000 sq/ft manufacturing plant and is committed to continue its growth by hiring great people and concentrating on serving its customers to the highest level.

A historical timeline of Holz can be found on the Holz website, as well as the historical story of rubber.

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