Holz Rubber Company

Since 1935, Holz Rubber Company has helped thousands of businesses across numerous industries.

As a leader in rubber manufacturing, we collaborate closely with our customers, offering world-class customer support, technical expertise, and the highest quality products, each and every time.

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Expansion Joints

Holz manufactures and offers a variety of expansion joints to meet our customers needs. We spend the time working with our customers to understand and identify which expansion joint works best for the specific application. In this video, we showcase our expansion joint capabilities with piping, flue duct, high temperature, and metallic expansion joints. Whatever your application or needs, we can help solve your related challenges.


Custom Molded Services

Holz has provided custom rubber molded services and products for over 80 years. We offer engineering and business solutions along with a full range of manufacturing capabilities to help our customers. This custom rubber molded video gives an overview of how we can help you with your needs.


Power Generation

The power generation industry has unique challenges from new regulations to short maintenance windows. A power generation plant require an experience and knowledgeable partner to help improve efficiencies, optimize systems, and solve common/uncommon challenges. This video highlights how Holz Rubber Company can help your plant with its most pressing issues.