Pump Part Replacements

Pump Part Replacements: Precision Engineered By Holz Rubber

Pump-part-brochure Pump Part Replacements Holz RubberHolz Rubber manufactures high quality pump part replacements for your wet-end equipment. Offered in several different types of rubber compounds, our cost-effective pump parts are made for precise performance and long life.

  • Tested in-house for tensile strength, impact, abrasion, corrosion, and heat resistance
  • Balanced to protect pumps from damage and ensure a proper fit
  • Designed and built to equal or exceed O.E.M. performance and ensure long life
  • Inspected and then re-inspected prior to shipment to assure quality and performance

Through our distributors across America, we have pump parts readily available for Ash Pumps® and Galigher® Pumps.

Ash Pumps®

  • Offered in a variety of compounds
  • Available for more than 11 pump models

Galigher® Pumps

  • Offered in a variety of compounds
  • Available for more than 12 vertical and horizontal pumps

GALIGHER® and ASH PUMP® are registered trademarks of Weir Slurry Group, Inc.

To order replacement pump parts, contact your local distributor or to find a local distributor, contact a Holz representative.